MUSLIMS seeks to enrich understanding of the multifaceted ways that Muslims live their faith. The program presents an intimate look at the lives of the Muslims in various cultures around the world. Through detailed portraits of people in their daily lives, viewers experience what it means to be Muslim in places as dissimilar as Nigeria, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia and the United States. By showing the diversity of thought, practice, lifestyle and interpretation of text, the film presents a balanced and informed portrait of Muslims and the diversity among them.

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MUSLIMS was produced by the Independent Production Fund (IPF) for PBS' FRONTLINE.

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The William and Mary Greve Foundation
The Lilly Auchincloss Foundation
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Independent Production Fund (IPF), a nonprofit 501(c)(3), was established in 1988 to create, develop, produce and distribute programs and series that focus on issues of current concern. Its projects have aired on PBS and have been distributed to educational and health care institutions throughout the United States.

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